How come girls don't ever breakup in their twenties?

Girls always stay with the same guy. It's not like high school anymore where you just wait a month an they break up. It's impossible to find a girl cause they stay with the guy even if she doesn't really like him.


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  • yep i hated my guy for the last 4 years but i only just broke up after total 9 years lol, its the sex that kept me coming back i was just to busy to leave, starting a new relationship is a headache

    • I guess I can understand a girls thinking. It's much easier to just keep going with the same guy, but my question is what about the guy who wants to date the girl who's in a crappy relationship? What does he do? I spent 6 months talking to a girl at my school who had a bf only to realize I was just wasting my time.

    • most girls are guilty of being friendly and leading on guys who like them, we just hate to hurt feelings. she may have just been nice to you, or thought of you as a friend. The only real way in the future to see where its going is to actually ask her out for coffee or to an event. etc. then you will get a clear yes or no. trust me this is the only way! girls will be sooo nice to a guy and not want to date him.


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  • Not true. It can feel right at first, but I've learned it doesn't always work.

  • they don't want to cheat their first love.

  • Because those girls in their mind think "if I wait long enough maybe I'll get married at this magical age"


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