Can two people from different worlds make it work?

He lives in the rich part of town. He has a great car. A normal family who all sits together and has tea time. His parents are together and everyone has gone to college or uni. I'm from the other side of the tracks. I live in the ghetto. Can't afford a car, or uni. My parents are split, and nobody in my family has gone to college because we couldn't afford it. We work 9 to 5 jobs and pool our resources. Can we ever make this work? Sometimes I feel like we are too different and that his priorities are a little dense. What do you guys think?


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  • Ofc you can make it work.. In fact 2 different people make a powerful couple and a strong bond together, for ex. Like the notebook :) I mean if he really loves you, he'd support you and he'll help you


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  • The short answer is no. It never works out in the end. People from different worlds grow up with different core values. Even if you don't think so. Good luck with that. I started with nothing and at one time was making over 100,000 a year. I was dating a girl from a rich family and all went well until my money ran out. I dated another girl who told me she was in love with me but had to end it because I didn't make enough money for her parents (both doctors) to approve of our relationship. I dated another girl who, as soon as she found out I only rented my house was out so fast. Keep in mind, I am not poor. I work and I am educated but, I look at life differently.

  • Sounds like he can help you out a lot.

  • I'm pretty much in the same boat with my girlfriend, except that I am the one in our relationship who doesn't have money issues.

    I hate it when she says something is expensive, and it makes me feel bad because I know whats expensive for her is inexpensive in my mind.

    Also when she first came to my apartment she was really impressed, and wondered who the landlord was... It was sort of awkward to say that I'm the owner, because I knew she lives in a tiny worn flat with two other girls, while I live with a friend in a luxury apartment 3x the size of the flat she lives in...

    What I do is try to not put her in situation where her financial background would make her feel uncomfortable, and we always hang out at my place.


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  • Long term romantic relationships can only work if you two are able to agree or compromise certain things

    and you share the same values and beliefs

    i came from a broken family, no one is college educated, a long history of substance/drug abuse , no one is married, my brothers and sisters have different dads., many reletives in jail, many teen pregnancies, many relatives live in governmetn hoiusing. I grew up with my dad who never really made much money.

    whereas my fiances parents are happily married, no history of drug abuse, or teen pregnacies, many of his family memebers are college educated and well off with nice houses, cars and carreers. Sometiems it seems like they dont rteally no what it is to struggle.

    the reason we work out is because we have the same values and belifes, we both agree on how we want to be treated, we both have the same religious beliefs, we both want the same future, we both agree on how we should raise children. We are also both college educated and working on our carreers so that we can have the things that we want for our family.

    so although i came from a totally differnt family than my fiance, we are not totally differnt.

    if we were totally differnt and did not share the same values, then there would be no way that we could work out
    for example

    If you are Christian and you belive In one God in Heaven and the other person is Hindu and belives in multiple gods and reaching Nirvana. A Christian is going to feel like the other person is trying to lead him away from God and Heaven, sinse Heaven is the ultimate goal. I dont really no much about Hinduism but im pretty sure they would feel like Christians would try to lead them away from their belifes as well.

    just becasue someone may be rich and the other may be poor it does not mean you two are totaly different.