Is it normal for guys to change their approach so quickly?

I've been dating this guy and I like him a lot and from what I can tell he likes me a lot too. In the space of about 1 week we went on 4 amazing dates and he would always text me and he was very sweet and waited till the 4th date to kiss me. Anyways after that date his attitude changed and a week has gone past and he hasn't asked me to go out again and he never nessages me u less I message first and sometimes he will respond instantly and sometimes he will take hours. However he has called me once since our last date and I did ask him if he wants to come out with a friend and I over the weekend and he's said yes. But my question is I don't know what all this means and is his normal for a guy or has he lost interest? I'm not too sure


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  • Four amazing dates huh... to be honest that one date past when guys would be thinking they should have gotten to last base. You haven't given it up yet and maybe he likes you but he is slowly losing interest now. He is thinking it is going nowhere. You want things to go back to normal... offer him every guy's achilles heel... text him and tell him you want to bone him. and see if that doesn't resurrect this seemingly fading relationship.


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  • If after just a week he's lost interest then let it go. You have messaged and called so you've done your part. To continue chasing this guy makes you look needy. If you have to sleep with this guy to keep his interest of a whole week then you'll spend the entire relationship trying to keep his interest. It will become a full time job you'll grow to hate. If this guy is interested then you'll hear from him but don't put your life on hold. Don't fall into the "what guys expect" thinking. You set your own terms (as should he) and you go by it and you'll find the guy that's right for you.