TIPS and advice for the first time sex?

so I think Im ready to have sex with my long distance crush when he's coming. he's not my boyfriend yet because we both needed time to think about it. but this all doesn't matter.. I just need some tips? is it really going to hurt? would he mind when Im still a virgin? I really need your tips/advice guyss


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  • Yeah. Don't take this the wrong way, but seriously think it over before you make up your mind with this. That's a big step.

  • My advice: You know what a penis is? Stay away from it ! ;)


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  • are you sure you want to do this? "he's not my boyfriend yet because we both needed time to think about it" but you're sure you want to have sex with him?

    • yess we have talked about it a lot on Skype and yeah we've been together this summer for 1 month 24/7. we have only kissed because I didn't want sex when we both were not sure about the future together. sex should be special. and now he called me today and told me that he wants to try long distance because he really missed me those past 3 months. and me too, I can't wait to see him again. to finally kiss and touch him again. So he wants to be my boyfriend but I want him to ask it in real life before telling everyone he's my boyfriend because it's not official yet.. but do you have any tips?

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    • yeah well that's a good idea. But no guy have ever fingered me... so Im kind of nervous. Now everyone will probably say that Im not ready for sex when Im this nervous. But there have to be a first time and I think everyone is nervous for the first time..

    • if you're more nervous than excited then i don't think you're ready. i would really suggest you do some other sexual things with him before you rush right into having sex.

  • come on sweetie think about it twice!
    - what might he think about you if you give your virginity to him even he is not your boyfriend?
    - he may think your stupid enough to give your self to him.
    - he just using his advantage to get you.
    - if he likes you too he wouldn't hesitate to court you as he know in the end you're going to give him what he wants from you.
    anyway the decisions are still yours just be careful sweet!

  • Make sure you use no condoms the first time