How can a girl hint to a guy (without being slutty) that it's okay to chase her?

If a guy has shown signs of liking a girl (3-hour phone conversations, gets jealous when she talks to other guys, finds excuses to touch her, etc), how can she hint to him appropriately that it's okay to chase her?

Or is this pointless since guys will have plenty of reasons for not chasing a girl?


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  • You would have to behave differently with this guy than you do with other guys. Obviously the guy likes you, so he does all this stuff to get your attention. You don't need to be very direct to him, just prove that you are interested too and he isn't bugging you. You don't need to say that you love him or would like to go out on a date with him, that might come later. Just show through your actions and your words that you are into him. Do things that he is doing, ie chatting up a lot, getting jealous, smiling and staring into your eyes, etc but in your own way. :)

    • Thank you :) that is very useful advice.


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  • Simply be urself if he's really in to u and a confident guy he will make the first move no matter the result.. but if he nt cnfident u may jst hav to take control and jst kiss him or pashh himm thts usually enough to make someone know ur in to them... or if too much to soon.. then simply hld his hand cuddle up to him tap him wen he makes u laugh things like jst show affection to his affection towards u.. hope that helps.. all the best.

  • "I really like you, (his name) - I'd like to hang out sometime"

    • Wow. Do girls have to be THAT direct? (I am genuinely curious; not being sarcastic.)

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    • So you have only chased girls who have said that to you?

    • No, but I haven't needed to be told anything to chase girls, either.

  • Why are girls so afraid of being direct

    • Might I ask the same question of guys? :P

      I fear rejection and I don't want guys to think I'm too desperate or slutty. I thought I was being obvious enough...

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    • Impressive. Thank you, I will try.

    • Fear is the war of the possibility of love.

      Fight or die.

  • Why do you want to make him chase you & for how long?

    • Because I like him too, but I don't chase guys. I don't know for how long though.

      Reminds me of my friend who got chased by a guy for over ten years, but ended up with a different guy...

    • Well you have to show some interest or most guys will stop chasing you. Smile when you talk to him and stuff. You can also playfully tease him but don't overdo it.

    • Thanks! :) I will try.

      Two of my closest guy friends know each other; I wonder if the reason no one's chasing me is that either of them thinks I like the other. Both of them have actually said to me, "I bet you like (the other guy)."

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