Can Dating Someone New Help You Get Over The Girl That You Truly Want To Be With?

So I got it bad for my friend. She is all that I think about and more. She knows that I like her and that I really want to date her. But things just don't seem to be going my way or It will feel like I am getting some were with her but I am doing 5mph in a 85mph zone. A part of me is saying that it's time to move on. your 21 in collage give one of this girls a chance and that's what am going to do. I want an miss having a girlfriend around. but the other part of me is telling me to keep fighting for her don't give up keep trying. what I'm asking and would like to know. is can dating someone new get my friend off my mind or will she still be stuck in my thoughts Until I lay everything out on the table in front of her?


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  • If you really like her that much, I'd try it. The best things come in life when you least expect them.


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  • Give her an honest chance first.


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  • I'd say lay everything on the table in front of her. Once you do, she will have to give you an answer and if it's a no, you'll come to accept it in due time. Let her be the one to give you a definite answer. Don't ponder on it.