Trying to figure out if she's interested?

I went out with this girl and it seemed like it was going good, we were getting closer but when i put my arm around her she basically said no. Then she would start to hold my hand or play with my hair. At one point she was playing footsie with me and then gave me a massage. I kinda don't know what to think because at first I thought she was just not really into it but then she started to kinda get closer to me. Its just really difficult for me to read, please help.


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  • I think she's interested. Perhaps she sees having a guy put an arm around her means he's going on for a feel of something. Not sure, but hey sometimes that does happen.

    Maybe she wants to do other things first, or maybe it's just a way she teases you.

    I wouldn't think to much of it if she is making plans to see you or if she is doing other things with you. Sounds like she is flirting with you pretty hard.

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  • she wouldn't touch you at all if she wasn't into you. She's being shy it seems. so the signs that she is interested are good.


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  • Dont worry, she's just playing games with you. She's interested… going back and forth between rejecting and teasing is what makes it fun for a lot of girls. Just play her style of game and more attraction will be built. Try to also do more and more every time, dont force anything but keep moving forward