Why is it I don't find anyone attractive after my break up?

Im not out to look for a relationship or anything just some cute male friends to talk to, to get over my ex but I just don't see any cute guys or any guys that's worth my time like ugh..


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  • cause u r not over ur ex yet!
    give it more time


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  • That Sounds a bit shallow to me. if it's just to talk what do looks have anything to do with it, just admit to yourself you need a rebound and that's it.

    • No I dont. I need to heal from my past first. I don't want anybody to catch feelings and I know the feeling will not be mutual. But when you think about it lol I might need one for the time being.

    • You're whole reply is contradictory, all I read is "I don't know what I want"

  • Do you go out and see new people?

    • Not really. I hang out with my friends but I need a male cute sexy friend lol

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    • Yeah I'm just scared to get heart broken again

    • Don't go for a relationship. Just go on dates and have fun with it : )

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  • You're probably subconsciously comparing all other guys to your ex, who you still have feelings for, and maybe not giving them enough of a fair chance.

    Or, maybe there just simply aren't many guys where you're from who you find attractive? Maybe your standards are just really high?

    • Yeah might be I just want somebody who's cool and not all about sex.

    • Yeah, same. I think a lot of girls in our age range can relate to wanting that. What I've found is that good things (e. g. meeting a cute, decent guy) usually happen when you least expect it -- you just have to focus on yourself, doing your own thing, being independent and happy, etc., and things will fall into place eventually.

  • Maybe he's still in your head and its going to take time for you to get him out of your head. Socialize and talk to other people and hang with your friends and try to distract yourself the best that you can. It will take sometime to get fully over him but trust me you'll be over him in no time. I was like that when my ex broke up with me, it took me about 7 months to get over him but it was worth it. He and I go to the same high school but I just socialize with other guys and talk to other people and act like he doesn't exist. People change but life goes on. Go out and do what makes you happy and hang out with whoever makes you smile. It could take weeks or months to get him out of your head but with time you will forget him. Keep yourself busy and go out and meet new people and have fun with your life.

    • Thanks Hun. I really appreciate it but I still have to see him I guess this last time because he left some of his things here so I don't even know how to act when I see him.

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    • Yes my ex really left a hard impact on me I never had to deal with this much crying and stuff over a guy. I just know that what goes around comes around and he will meet his match.

    • Please don't cry you really don't deserve him, maybe the light will hit him sooner or later and he'll realized what he lost. But you for now just continue being you and keeping your head and socialize with other guys but take it slow don't be so quick to fall in love because you'll just end up hitting your head in the end. I don't like how my ex just led me on and then left me right out of the blue, I should've seen it coming. I threw away all the stuff my ex gave to me, he gave me a bear for Valentine's day but I burned it, it felt good too

  • Maybe it's because you still have feelings for your ex deep down inside?

    • Yeah which is true. But I know he doing his own thing. Why can't I?

    • Its because it's hard for you to let him go. It's going to take some time to get over your ex, just keep your mind busy! Go out with friends, meet new people and start making new friends!:)

    • I don't have an urge to go out and do things. I don't know what's wrong with me. But I did go out and had drinks with my friends last night but then started to feel sad all over again. Ugh