Long Distance Dating - Does he really want to come over?

I met this guy on holiday and we had a great (but short!) time, now we talk every day through whatsapp, with an occasional phone call (2 months now, with 1200 km between us)
Now I kind of want him to come over, but he's saying that he'll try to come over before the end of the year, and that it depends on his job (he's working part-time right now, but wants to work full-time) - and this seems reasonable, but I keep worrying that he's stringing me along/not really planning on coming...

Am I worrying too much?

(a plane ticket would be around 150 euros max)

He's flying in tomorrow! :)


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  • See if he actually comes. If he keeps making these excuses, I think you should just move on. Or focus on yourself. Just so you're not just waiting for him.

    If he really cares about you, he'll find a way to come. It might take a while because he's also trying to develop his career, but I think you would be able to tell the difference of him stringing you along or actually is interested in you


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  • That is quite the distance,

  • Probably. Good luck.


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  • You never know. I made a friend online who lives across the country. He ended up coming to visit me. We were in a similar situation where we talked everyday with occasional phone conversations. It sounds like your guy is putting in the effort and may be seriously considering it.