Would it be annoying to know that a girl who liked you in high school still can't get over you in college years?

I've really liked this guy since my freshman year of high school (I'm a sophomore in college now). We were never officially together. At first he wasn't into me at all, but he came around eventually, and then stuff happened and I ended things before we got to even be in a relationship. I still contact him now, but since I'm the one who broke things off, I feel like he might be annoyed, like "now she wants me back?"

I ended things with him two years ago.


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  • depends on when you broke things off... if it was during freshman yr high school.. he has long forgotten it. If it was more recent, yeah, he will have that attitude but won't turn down your advances.
    I would recommend finding someone else to like though because its a huge ego boost and even if you aren't turned down, the chances of being cheated on are higher because he will probably also think "she isn't going to go anywhere.. she still likes me"


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  • No, it's not weird.


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  • It could still work and blossom into a great relationship if you two are on a level where you both feel the same about one another. The question then becomes are you both looking for a relationship? Maybe you are looking for something more serious and he is just wanting to keep it casual. The guy I am marrying and I went on a two year hiatus where we didn't talk to one another and we ended up running into each other and five years later we are engaged.