Thoughts on those under 21 dating under 18?

What do you think about the idea of a guy 18-20 years old dating girls under 18 at a reasonable age difference (3-4 yr age difference)

Let's say the guy has never dated himself and has never been sexual and respects girls

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  • to be on the safe side, can't you wait till they are 18? i mean if you are 20 and dating a 13yr old, thats going to be frowned upon. 20 and 16... not so much, you could possibly get away with 18 and 15. still its safer to wait till 18 or date someone closer to your age because should the sex topic come up, things could get ugly real quick.


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  • I don't see a problem with it, as long as it's a reasonable age difference. 20 and 17 sure, 18 and 15 not not so much but still kinda ok, 15 STAHP :D I'm 17 and I'd date a 20 year old, not really any older though. I look younger than my age, and if I were together with someone who's basically graduating university I would feel childish and stupid.

  • When I was 16 I dated a 19 yr old. we met when i was 15 & he was 18 ..

  • I know you are looking for a virgin but it's pretty messed up to try to ruin some girls adolescent because you want to fulfill your goal of marrying a virgin. You do realize that when you fuck a virgin she and you are no longer a virgin right?


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  • Unfortunately it is against the law and that makes it a problem no matter who you are or what happens.

    • Not really. AOC in most states is 16, then you have the close in age exemptions to add to that.

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    • You do not seem to comprehend what I am saying. A person has the ability to consent to sex at 16 in most states. Some states 17. A few 18. It depends in the state.

      Then, you have Romeo and Juliet Clauses that provide even more leniency.

      But this is pertaining to sexual activity that is. Anyone can date anyone they want.

    • I don't know I haven't really looked into the law but I would be hesitant to date someone under the age of majority, personally, as I would be scared of being prosecuted as a sexual predator. As a crazy example and question. Is the law really okay with a middle aged man dating a child? Where do they draw the line between what is acceptable in the context of dating and what makes someone a sexual predator?

  • My thoughts are, humans have been doing that since the dawn of time. No big deal