Love triangle? Please help!?

Well for starters the guy I like, likes me as well the only problem is his bestfriend likes me to, but that's not totally the reason he hasn't asked me out yet. We've decided to tell him about us but we both don't know how. We both really like each other and want to be together


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  • Wait, who wants to be with who? And who do YOU want to be with?

    • It's confusing I know, but my crush likes me back and we want to be together but his bestfriend is giving him a hard time about it because he likes me too but I don't like his bestfriend that way.

    • I can see that being awkward... jealousy is a difficult thing. Hopefully his bestfriend can get over it, because his jealousy is gonna cause problems if he's not careful.

      Well, if you and your crush get together, go slow in public - give him a little more time ><

      Good luck!!


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  • The bro code lol... this is funny (not to you.. sorry) it is quite the dilemma. tell best friend that he is ok and a decent guy but you are actually interested in his friend. (you can add no offense in there too)
    there's a possibility of a falling out between the two of them but hey, I don't know the background story, that is what counts.

  • I think you should be with both of them if you like them. Just be honest and open about it


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  • GO get with the guy. His best friend will get over it. It's just a crush, no biggie. Me and my best friend fell for the same guy. She got him, I was upset for like a day but now it's all good ^^