First kiss on our first date?

So, there's this girl. We both like each ther, and we are both very sexual (meaning that it won't be long before we end up having sex). We will be seeing Ouija board Saturday, as our first date. Afterwards, I was planning on romantically kissing her for the first time. Would it be too soon on the first date?


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  • If i was her, i wouldn't care. Id probably be begging for it on the inside. But it depends on if she's more reserved, or more expierienced. But i say go for it.

    Btw, id pick a different movie. I hear that ones going to suck. XD annabelle is really good tho.

    • I had thought about going to the movies, then either before (to "gm get it out of the way" in a romantic way) or after the movie, taking her by the side of the building, grabbing her waist pushing her against the walk, moving close to her, looking into her eyes, giving the signs. Does that sound like something she would like? And would it be better before or after the movie?

      She picked the movie by the way xD

    • That sounds like a great idea actually. I wish a guy would do that to me cx and id wait after the movie.

      And alright, just warning you its not going to be very good cx


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  • That's really up to her as well. If you're weary about going in for it, wait for the right moment. You will know when it is... and if you're still unsure it's too soon, tell her you would love to kiss her right then and there. If not her eyes, her reaction will tell you what to do.


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  • Depends on how long uve known eachother.. and look fr the signs.. laughn at ur jokes sensualing touchn u hldn ur hand hugn u thngs tht generally imply she's waitn for u to make ur move.. on the other hand if she likes u u like her go for it.. uve nthnk to loose.. all the best.