Is this worth it or should I move on?

I've been seeing a guy for a year and a half. We are not official. He tells me he loves me and whenever I want to hang out he always makes the time for me. He never seems to lie to me. Because we aren't official there are often times I think about leaving because I feel used. Whenever I try to put space between us he freaks out and sends constant i miss you texts and I love you texts. Im not stupid and assume he is seeing other girls. When I was with him he had a few texts from a girl and a missed call from another. He had spent the whole day with me. Is that something to care about? I guess he says he loves me and has been saying that for almost a year. Do I trust him? Is there anyway I can make this official? or will he just think its not worth it if he can get other girls? Is he using me?


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  • Sounds like friends with benefits. If you like that, keep going. I you want commitment move on.

    • Is there anyway this would ever be official? Or has that ship sailed? He asked to be official a few months ago but I got nervous and said no. He had just hurt me and I wasn't ready to trust him. Does he say he loves me just to keep me around?

  • you should move on, yeah it sounds like ur being used


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