Is it weird he didn't touch me in the bedroom?

Dated this guy for 6 months. He was 11 yeas older , 34 and single still. Rlly good guy but hard to get close to. Never took me to a real dinner until the night he dumped me and he even made a joke once when he was drunk that he never takes me anywhwre fancy. We did fun things but it was kind of weird. He seemed to drink a lot and it was hard to get close. He broke up w me bc he said too much age gap but I'll admit we did have a hard time conversing but I thought it was weird he didn't touch me in the bedroom.. I did all the work. Feel like it wasn't that there couldn't be chemistry but he didn't want to get close. Would always ask for backrubs but would always have an excuse not to give me one. Just feel like he had commitment issues bc he seemed broken. Always went out and drank.: was drunk a lot. Had good job but seemed broken. Mom died couple years ago and also mentioned a girl that he moved across the country from bc tired of chasing her and she was the one girl he would've married. He said we couldn't stay friends bc he's just not that kind of guy , he's moved all across the country and meets people and has a good time and moves on and that's what I need to do is just remember the good times. Do u think he has commitment issues? Almost seems like he was heartbroken and now won't get close to anyone. I'll miss him do u think he'll maybe change his mind about being friends?


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  • Yeah it sounds like he has a lot of hurt and personal battles he's fighting, and is masking them with the drinking. His lack of commitment shows that he might be afraid to put his heart on the line because of his past issues of the girl he was chasing. He is miserable but suppressing it with "having a good time and moving on". If he doesn't want to be friends there isn't much you can do about it, trying to change someones mind isn't recommended respect his decision.

  • Move on, if a guy loved you he'd be all over you.


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