Is dating one of your ex's friend really bad? especially overtime you start develop feelings for her?

I've known her longer much longer than my ex and felt there was chemistry when she came over to check up on me after the break up and slept over.


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  • Honestly from a girl point of view, I think the friend is the one that is wrong because should not be checking up on you. But at the same time you could just be getting feelings because she is being nice.

    • She came to apologize for introducing her to me and I knew we had a history in the past but nothing happened because she had a boyfriend at the time. She's been single for about a year now and when I went to kiss her, she didn't push away. I guess it's to make up for the lost time? I don't know

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    • It's more like we had feelings for each other at all the wrong times. Aha xD

    • Haha well now it seems like it might be the right time although considering what happened.


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  • It depends on what your friend thinks, and if they are uncomfortable with it... is she worth ruining a friendship? A lot to consider.

    • Have you ever gotten into that situation that you had a thing for a friend but he was taken... then when your friend becomes single and had a thing for you but you were already in a relationship?

      I'm in that situation and we're both single

    • Well and now we are both single after my break up

  • i dont know but i am dating my ex bf and my common friend. they were not the best of best friends but they are really good friends... and it s been around a year since we started dating. so i dont find it weird.

  • If I knew you dated my friend I wouldn't get involved with you. Even If you were genuine it would take over a year to prove you weren't just after my pussy


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  • If it was a bad break up then her friend my feel conflicted and anxious when it comes to you and your ex. I personally dont see a problem with it if you have strong feelings for her friend. My ex n I had a bad break up but somehow we're friends again so you never really know how some girls my react to it.

    Good luck tho bro with what u decide to do

    • We were kind of pretty close until she found a boyfriend couple of years ago. But she's been single now for a year.

      I first met my ex through her group of friends

  • Yes I would disown u as a friend. Friendships in general will last longer than the majority of relationships u will have in ur life.