Does this girl like me or?

Im in 9th grade and there's this girl i met about 1 month and a half ago. When i met her she had a boyfriend for a year and 6 months. She says that she likes me, she gives me hugs, she wanted me to hold her hand, she wants to hang out, and she even says she really likes me. but for some reason in my mind i dont actually think she likes me becauce she's still with her boyfriend. i asked her if there ever gonna break up and she said ya things are working out between them. So, do you think she likes me?


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  • Okay here is the good news.. she does like you and it seems that she values your friendship or whatever you have going on. The bad news is she isn't going to leave her boyfriend and your just on the side in case things get rough. So the real question is are you okay with that?


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  • I went through the exact same thing when I was your age. I really liked this guy, he liked me back, but he had a girlfriend and he wouldn't break up with her.
    Anywayyyy, my advice is to not trust her when she says she'll break up. If it doesn't seem like she's going in that direction, errr I don't know what you should do, but just don't let her use you.

  • She likes you
    But it sounds she really does not want to ruin your guys friendship...
    Trust me if a girl says she likes you to your face it is 100% true.


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