"I don't want anything serious"?

Now, I am a guy, and I was recently told this by a girl I've been having out with/having sex with. We hang out, and occasionally go to each other's family events such as sports games, etc. However, she told me that she doesn't need anything serious at the moment.. I of course was hurt but I didn't show it. Here's the situation, where it gets a little tricky.
She was dating an older guy (6 years older) she was 17 he was 23. Now, I see this as a problem as I'm sure most of you do, but this is the thing: she says she was in love with him and they were going to become serious once she turned 18. He died in a motorcycle accident a few months before she turned 18. He got her pregnant a few months before that by accident and she had an abortion.
SO after hearing all of this AFTER I started hanging out with her, I didn't mind because she seemed very normal and emotionally stable for a highschooler in love with her dead pedophile boyfriend. But so we are hanging out and we cuddle and hang out with each others families just like a boyfriend/girlfriend would, but she claims she "doesn't want anything serious"... What am I missing?

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  • No no!! She's definitely interested, otherwise she wouldn't be having sex with you and wouldn't take the time to hang out with your friends/family. She seems to be a little lost- trying to find herself after this loss! She says she loved him but she was very young so it sounds like more of an infatuation! Don't give up hope but I'd strongly recommend having this discussion with HER!! She'll respect you for opening up to her, trust me!!

    This could also be a "friends with benefits" kind of thing, MAYBE! And those usually end in one of two ways.
    -very very badly and you never speak again
    -OR, you fall for each other!

    Whatever the case, again, I recommend talking to her about it!
    Good luck!


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  • I wouldn't call her boyfriend a pedophile. You don't know their history besides what she may have told you.

  • Sorry it sounds like you really love her, but it sounds like she wants you around when its good for her but not as a boyfriend which shouldn't be ok

  • i would say its fucked up your calling a dead guy a pedophile. either way, dont take things so seriously with her. and if you really like her act like its no big deal because girls like to chase not be chased. :-/

  • Now you know how women feel when men say the same thing. Then men try to blame the women for having sex with them


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  • she needs time to get over him dude but she really likes you just stick in there give her months maybe even a year to get back to her feat then bring it up when you see that she is past her mourning she sounds great i'd stick it out for her