What do you think about a person telling me I won't get a gf because im poor?

What do you think about a person telling me i won't get a gf because im poor?

She might be right


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  • I'd tell you to tell that person to shut the hell up.
    Being poor does not stop you from being in a loving relationship. You can be homeless but if you have someone who genuinenly loves you than you're rich with the thing that matters the most in life. Money comes and goes, some people understand that while others don't. When you die your money won't matter. Your money won't stop you from dying I mean neither will love but you see where I'm going? Do you know how to make a girl happy? All it takes is a $10 bouquet and $5 chocolates.

    • But me being ugly doesn't help


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  • You could get a sugarmomma lol
    I'm joking. People say stupid stuff, you shouldn't pay attention to people that think that they know it all just because in THEIR case it would be a certain way.

    • She might be right

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    • You probay had a nice life

    • Pffff I just know that some people like overreacting...

  • you kick their ass, cause that person is a killer dickface.


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  • I think that the person is a worth scum who deserve to be shown your middle finger and mind his/her own business.

    • Im upset because she may be right

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    • I never said you look awful, please read it again. Don't twist my words. I said you may look awful to 'some' women, but not all. There are men who think even Megan Fox is ugly. Does that make her ugly? Of course not. Same with you, you can never be 'universally' awful looking.

    • but you can be universally attracted to

  • May be.. it's true for westerners i can say.

    • then how do you explain to me having two girlfriends

    • I cannot generalise... and therefore i mentioned 'may be' :)