My fiance can't get over my sexual past?

So i've been honest with him from the beginning. I told him i did have 3 partners before him. Two of them were one night stands (one whom took my virginity) and i feel indeed embarassed about my behaviour back then BUT this is a long time ago and i was just experimenting. I can't change it. He sometimes mentions or thinks about it and it gets him sad.


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  • If you can live with it, let it go. If it rents space in his head and it ruins things between you then he had better get over it or risk losing you. tell him to get over it.

    Listen, your past is nothing. He should not think a thing over it. Your like a semi-virgin, he should be thrilled with you. I've been around some crazy gals. At a party, a topless biker gal followed me around and wanted to have sex with me if I would give her a tattoo. She kept telling me she had needles in her back pack and ink. She wanted me to dip needles in the ink and tattoo her. Some crazy people out there. She was not the craziest either.

    Good luck


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  • 3? he's upset because you had 3 sexual partners? Thats a good thing if you ask me.. you are experienced but not necessarily some whore... I think the problem is on him.. and that you are over thinking it. He has probably had more partners than you have.

    • Nope he didn't but sometimes i feel like he actually wanted to have more. He keeps saying like "oh if i wouldve went to college id have had so many pussys" and stuff.. he had 4 girls which i know of. 2 of them are suspicious tho. He doesn't talk about them so i assume they were fuck buddys or one nights. He would never tell me and destroy his image tho

    • so he HAS had more partners than you? I am particularly interested in the last sentence though "... destroy his image" what image?

  • I hate one night stands a girl that can give it up so easy isn't good but your right its the past and u regret it and don't do it anymore so he needs to forget it and move forward with u as u are now. If he doesn't then the relationship is already dead it will not work he will always bring it up to hurt u so tell him straight u leave if he can't forget the past. He wasn't with u then so he can't judge u on it now

  • tell him to get over it! as long as your loyal, clean, and don't have any kids running around then it's not his business and he needs to man up and get over it or take a hike. you are your own partner and you can do whatever it is you want. he has no say over things that happened when you weren't together and you should not be ashamed or embarrassed about having 3 prior partners


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