Could it be that I Am not attractive?

I always have a hard time getting the opposite sex to talk me im kind, respectful and I don't come on strong I just want friendly conversation but I always have bad luck could it be that on not attractive I personally don't think that I'm unattractive. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks Won3rland for the confidence boost =) and slackercruster I don't smile unless im genuinely happy I can't fake a smile I tried and looked like the only creep lol so it's either smile and look like a creep or don't smile and look solemn.
Also im not looking for a relationship I just prefer the company of females over males.


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  • Honestly, you just might not be their type, but don't change. It will take some time for a girl to like you. All you have to do is wait even if you have done that your whole life already. Also, you are very attractive!:)


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  • I'm in the same situation as you but the other way around. It's easy to make guy friends but girl friends not so much. I'm nice to them but they don't give a shit and I'm very attractive. Maybe you look more reserved because I don't smile a lot for the same reason and people don't seem so eager to talk to me except on good days where I'm super happy and smiley and everyone is so interesting. People just like good energy and if you bring it to them then theyll be happy too. I love when people are happy.

    • get what you're saying and understand but I just don't smile in pictures in person I'm generally a happy person I just can't fake a smile

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  • Smile more, you pix looks kinda solemn. Keep at em, join online dating. Someone out there for you.