Is it bad to fall in love with a girl youv'e never met?

Is falling in love with a girl you never physical met a bad thing cause my best friend of 3 years is a gorl I've never physical met just met from mutral friends and started talking and get to know each other but then by last year is when we really getting close and then we found out we kinda of loved each other but can't date cause we live in diffrent states not really far from each other. She told me once last year one i wasmt doing ok that she loved me not in a best friend way and i told her the same. But we want to go out with each other cause she is literally my perfect women and she told me that i was everything she was looking for in a guy it kinda made me happy. But she doesn't wanna do long distance cause we well never get to see each other or do anything together. So thats why but i was planning on moving by here next summer should i still do that.


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  • I will be honest with you. You are just living in fantasy world. It isn't live You don't even try for long distance relationship. Yeah you have your reasons. But those reasons doesn't make sense. Love is difficult, but you try.

    Imagine you move there, things start. What if she is someone that you never expect. That is why long distance relationship is important for you. It will give some insight of the situation. You will get to know her step by step.
    Long distance is difficult but it is necessary if you want to work it out at this point.


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  • You have to remember that you are only seeing the good parts of this person and the rest is fantasy.
    Meeting someone in real life allows you to see the good and the bad and it takes the fantasy part out of the picture. Your idea of love is fabricated in fantasy and although some people meet and the connection is just as real, you shouldn't make foolish life choices based on a fantasy.

  • What state are you in? What state is she in?

    • Im in illinois she's in Iowa.

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    • And why doesn't she want to be in a long distance relationship if she loves you?

    • We boyth dont wanna be in a long distance realtionship because we well never get to see each other or do anything else and i have found a place dver by here just not a job and i was planning on staying there for a year to save up for college then go to college for two years in ohio then going back to iowa before she goes to the air force. I've beenplanning this out for awhile now.

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  • Go for it if she wants u to why not you'll regret forever if u don't and always compare other girls to her and never be truly happy until u try it with this girl

    • Ok thanks man i guess i will.