Is he just saying things to get my ex off his back!?

Okay so I have a ex bf and he's kinda scary when it comes to attitude and I had a crush on a guy and me and my crush had sex while I was with my bf and time passed and we didn't talk cuz I was still with my boyfriend and like a week ago I had a family party and my best friend came and she called my crush to tell him to come with me or to pick me up and so she was talking to him and she passed me the phone and he told me oh your ex keeps on calling me telling me that to leave you alone and that your just his ! And I told him well block him from your phone and he did ! So my crush came and we left in his car and we had sex again and after we just hung out and talked but my sister kept on telling me saying hey your ex keeps on calling me my mom and my best friend to ask where your at cuz he knew I was with my crush ! And so later on that day I answered a call from my ex and he told me why do you even go with your crush I called him and he told me hey bro can I ask you something and my ex said yeah and he's like are you on drugs or something? Because you seem to be Into this girl so much when theirs plenty of girls out there and then he also told me that my crush told him "na that bitch isn't worth it" and "I have that bitch blocked in my phone" cuz my ex told him hey bro whenever her or her best friend call you tell me immediately and don't answer their calls but he did the opposite instead he told me what my ex told him and blocked him from his phone my question is I'm wondering if you guys think he really meant that I was a bitch and all this things or he was just saying it to get my ex off his back?


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  • You are screwing 2 guys at the same time, so they both know you are not so bright and want to hit it while you are still giving it out like candy.

    Start charging the guys and things will sort themselves out.


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  • He probably meant it. He didn't try to get in touch wit hyou and if it wasn't for your friend wanting a ride he still wouldn't have communicated with you. Your just an easy lay.

  • stop sleeping with people sex is sacred or suposed to a guy respects a decent girl that saves herself for him it provides security in the relationship and can actualy turn into something good... im shure youl get the point

  • Yep you just a ho to him yep you got played that's what happens when u r easy


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