Why do girls always friend zone me?

Like I think we are having a good conversation I tell her I'm. Interested in her and she says no but we can still be friends


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  • You told her too soon but this is tricky because if you tell her too late you can still lose the girl. The trick is to act like a bit of a jerk but not so feelings get hurt. For example flirt but don't exactly say you're interested. Try teasing and have a bit of mystery about you. Don't tell her everything about you at once. If you're having a conversation and she asks what you're doing don't tell her all the details make her ask and keep them guessing :)


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  • My advice just don't care anymore and hit up more girls. You learn in the process. Don't think about the rejection, think about how they miss out on you. Don't come off as needy. just say lets grab some ice cream together or go out for drinks. Posture is important too, don't stutter, look at your shoes and be nervous. Girls are not magical unicorns or bloodthirsty tigers. They are people. Laugh like you would with your buddies, be sometimes a jerk with your opinions and don't try to agree with everything a girl says. Get a bit physical but not creepy. Like I don't know if you go to a restaurant but your hand on the back of your date while opening the door for her. Sit close and talk with each other, looking each othet in the eyes and most importantly enjoy yourself;-)

  • You're too nice. I'm not saying be a jerk, but find a healthy middle. Be somewhat of a challenge. Most people don't respect anyone they can walk all over. Check out Coach Corey Wayne on YouTube for more.

    • I don't know how to not be respectful

    • I'm pretty certain I did not say anything about not being respectful, but thanks for putting words in my mouth, and enjoy being walked all over by people with no respect for you.

  • I have the same problem. I'm too short