I'm a nervous pickle who's not good with the ladies. Any help would be great!?

To start off, I met this amazing lady at a coffee shop beside the place (a MMA gym) I work at. At first, I would try to get any chance I get to buy a cup of tea from her work - casually striking up conversations and whatnot -. After a while, I decided to grab her number, which I've done successfully, and I've even recently invited her to watch a match of mine.
Overall, my question is, I was wondering if she was interested. We would usually talk a lot with each other - in person, we don't text often -. She even took a double shift to take a day off to watch me compete.
Sometimes she would deliver the drink/food to my work if I was in a hurry and we would always smile at each other.
Just today, I chickened out when I asked her out, I was so nervous I texted my confession to her as I left the store. She hasn't replied (which is cool with me, since I just felt the need to get it out of my system). But more importantly, did I ever have a chance? or was I just being friendzoned?


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  • Sounds to me like she liked you in at least some capacity (friend or otherwise) You would need to say more about her mannerisms for me to go from there. If she kept close proximity with you during conversations or maybe gave a physical indicator like a hand on arm or chest it is likely it was a romantic interest not friendship oriented. You may have messed up with the text though. That seems like it was kinda sudden and girls would be more apt to agree to a date if the question is heartfelt and it seems like you put effort into it, the text seems rushed and un-thoughtful. I assume it can still be saved though simply go on business as usual until you have had more time with her and when you know her better you can ask her out properly...


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  • I think you have more than a chance it was going to end up going down that road anyway lol.. Maybe ask her out with some flowers of a nice gesture in person though. there's nothing worse being asked something romantic by text. Good luck

  • "I'm a nervous pickle." You, sir, are darling. I sincerely wish you the best of luck with your lady. I think, judging by her taking off for your match, that you have an excellent chance.


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