Why is he keeping me a secret?

I've been dating this guy for about a month now. He hasn't showed me off or hasn't showed me and affection. When we text he acts so lovey dovey and says he's going to do this and that the next day but doesn't. When we're in private he acts like he never seen me in so long and starts kissing me like crazy. But in public he wouldn't do anything except wave at me and smile, even if its a hug he wouldn't do it.


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  • He is embarassed of pda and only wants to do it privately.
    He is afraid of losing some friends if he discloses his relationship with you.
    He is afraid you will embarass him.

    Pray its the first one.
    Maybe you could initiate the lovey dovey when both of you are outside, instead of waiting for his initiation just cause of his texts. That way you can see his reaction. Run up from behind and give him a surprise hug, hold his hands/give a peck in front of his friends maybe? Something like you're testing him (sounds abit bad uh) hehehh :D


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  • Maybe he is ashamed of you for some reason, you should talk to him about it.


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  • A man will publicly declare that a woman is his to ensure that no other man walks on his territory. To me, this screams that he playing you. He wants to do all the lovey dovey stuff when you text/see each other in private but he is reluctant to declare anything publicly, irrespective of how private a person he may be. He is keeping his options open whilst telling you everything you need to hear to keep you on side. I don't mean to be harsh but he is using you.

  • Maybe he has a gf on the side or is cheating on her with you -best ask him tbh