What red wine do girls like?

I want to take a girl from my theater class on a romantic date. Usually woman like Pinot Noir. But i want something more exotic that's not overwhelming for the lady but we both can enjoy. I love Italian wine, Specifically Super Tuscan. i also like Portuguese wines. Any suggestions?


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  • Are you sure she even likes red wine? I only like white wines, but my husband only likes dry reds. You might want to ask her what kind she likes, then you could plan in advance. Maybe take her on a romantic picnic under the stars and pack a bottle of her favorite wine. You could pair the wine with all of the foods that complement it best.

    • That's a good point. I don't really enjoy white wine gives me a head ache. i kind of wanted to surprise her. thanks for the insight. I love the picnic idea too thanks

    • You're very welcome! I only know this because once my husband (when we were still dating) took me on a surprise trip to a winery and ordered a really nice bottle of red wine. I hated it though! lol! The only way I could drink it was to also have a piece of dark chocolate in my mouth when I took sips (the people at the winery showed me that trick). But, he then knew to only ever surprise me with white wines :) Good luck! Hope you have a great date!


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  • Rose lol.

    Every woman loves Moscato, and will drink it like soda pop.

  • Australian... pinot noir... depends on what you're eating... there is an app for that

  • sweet and fruity


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