When someone says they wanna hook up?

When someone says they want to "hookup" does that necessarily mean to have sex or could it be other things? If so what are some other things?


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  • The context of the conversation will make a fairly large difference in this case. But in general it is a phrase used to mean physical interaction.

    I will say "I'm off at 6, do you want to hook up later?" and mean 'meet up later' and not 'have sex later' though. It depends on the relationship you have with the person, the context of the conversation, and the way they generally use the term.

    • I just had a recent experience that was kinda weird to me. I have been involved with guy for months now and whenever he wanted to get together it was something like what are you doing? Or wanna come over or something like that he never used the word "hookup" now a couple days ago he texted me after not hearing from him in a couple days and asked me if I wanted to hookup. I thought that was kinda weird because it sounds like he would have used a word like that when we first met not months later. Does that sound strange or mean anything to you?

    • No, doesn't mean anything to me in specific. It is usually a more casual phrase, regardless of meaning sex or just hanging out, so maybe earlier he was trying to sound more definitive.


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  • It might mean someone wants to get together, and what happens, happens... sex is implied by the phrase 'hook up', but often it just means 'hang out.'

    But he certainly HOPES it will involve sex when he says it like that!

  • Even if is just to make out if you move your pices right then you will get the sex XD

  • means makeout/have sex to me.


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