Asian Guys: Would you date a mixed raced woman?

So I am 21 years old. I am from U. K. I have jamaican, american, welsh and portugese in my ethnicity and family. I am a respectful. girl also still a virgin.

I find all kinds of guys attractive but liked an Asian guy for few months now but not sure if he would date me. I think he is sikh.

He stares then looks away and seems awkward and goes quiet around me one min would be talking the next goes dead quiet when I pass by. He has not tried talking to me so not sure if I have a chance. I am shy also which dont help. Guess ice needs to be broke but I am worried that he can't date me or anything like that.


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  • Younger generations of people in the UK are more open to dating outside of their race than previous generations. The UK statistically has the highest rate of interracial relationships in the World.

    There is no reason why an Indian guy and a Mixed race girl cannot be together in our society and from what you have posted he clearly is interested in you.

    If you like him enough, just break some ice, what's the worst that can happen?

    • Hey thanks

      What makes you say he's clearly interested?

      An yeah worth a try I guess

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    • Yeah I can do that I think. Thank you

    • You're welcome, I wish you all the best. :)


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  • Yes I would. I don't care about their ethnic background, if they're attractive then they're attractive.

  • Yeah sure why not? As long you have a very nice personality, you shouldn't be worried about anything. My advice is, you should smile more, and dont be afraid to initiate a conversation with the guy.

  • Predominantly speaking, only Black folks view you as mixed race. To Asians if you're half Black you're just Black.

    • No thats untrue. Not where im from dude

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    • Its hilarious how earlier you caved and now youve come up with a bizarre comment without any proof or anything. You need help dude wow

    • Asker - Lmao, believe whatever you want. I'm not trying change your thoughts. I'm done with this conversation, just remember, when shortcomings occur remember I told you so.

  • I only like white chicks.

  • I'm Asian but not the South Asian type but a very 2 good friends of mine are Indian. Two of them likes mixed race and one of them has a cousin that is married to one I think. I'm not sure if the woman is mixed or not. This is for sure, do.

  • id date any women as long as they are nice good caring people


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  • The white guys are just crying at the thought of a woman not being attracted to their race LOL
    Give them time to recover
    They think they are entitled to any woman

    • Lol really?

    • Well I'm White and I am not jealous.

      Any White guy who thinks they are entitled to any woman based solely on their skin colour is an idiot.