She is always busy? How can I ask her out?

I recently received a message from a girl in one of my classes saying should we like to spend time together with me. I felt attracted to her so this was great! i problem is she is an actress and has a job so she is always rehearsing or working/studying. i just want a couple hours with her to see where this could go. But she always seems to be busy any advice?


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  • show up at the end of practice/rehearsal and take her to dinner or lunch, at the very least she will be gratefu


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  • If you really want to spend time with someone, even if you have a lot of thing to do, u find time to stay with him. I'm studying chemistry, I have a mixed schedule, I go to the gym & I'm doing my social service, but I have time to go out with the guy I like :)

    • I know but she is always rehearsing and expressed to me that at the end of her day she just wants to sleep and relax. I got a date this week finally i am so excited! thanks for the insight!

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  • I'm in the same situation. Every time I say we should do something together or she says we should spend some time together, she is always busy or has other plans. I feel like I annoy her when I ask so much, but it's hard to find a time when she doesn't have somewhere to be or something to do. The worst part is that I feel like she's lost interest in me because of I ask her if she has plans or if she wants to go out. I don't know what to tell you, but if she is interested in hanging out, you should definitely try to set something up. I hope it works out better for you than it did for me man

  • im in the same boat at the moment. been so persistent with this one girl and she always say next week, then next week, the 2 weeks. i said ok your not interested. and she said yes i am. im just busy. so i know how you feel. did you ask her if she is generally keen or just not interested and putting it off

    • She contacted me first with an email! saying she wanted to spend time with me. I still get to work with her in my theatre class but its not the same you know. i finally got a date though so I am excited. Its a tough spot no doubt bro. best of luck for you to

    • thanks champ. seems really hard these days meeting people. everyones so busy and when people are actually looking or wanting to meet people they meet so many people that it becomes an appointment almost. don't know these days aye. but all the best :)