So when do I give up and just let it go?

I ran into an ex and he wanted to convince me he had changed and wanted to apologize for the horrible ways he treated me in the past. He was super sweet and not too long after reconnecting we spent a wonderful night hooking up. I was honest and told him I was very interested in another guy and didn't really expect that to happen. He said he was cool with it and no worries.
However we went from texting every day to not very much. But then I realized I wanted him back and asked him to hang out. Only he bailed on me which infuriated me due to my spending two hours getting ready and being ready to see if he wanted to try us out again. Now he won't respond to any of the texts I have sent him the past few days. Should I just assume he wants nothing to do with me?


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  • Assume that he believed what you said, by thinking you like someone else. And set him straight.

    • Well if he would talk to me I would... I mean the man even turned down sex to "sleep" and I haven't had him respond to any of my texts the past couple days including inviting him to a party.

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    • Yeah I asked him about a restaurant near his job that I had been thinking of going to. Nothing. Then I asked him about a movie he watched and told me about but I couldn't remember the name. Nada.

    • That's weird. I mean if he's ignoring you, your best bet is to just live your life and assume he's not interested. He might like you and is just having a tantrum, but either way. What's best for you is to not take it too seriously and enjoy your life


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  • he probably doing the same thing you did to him, if a girl doesn't reply to me for a day or two or long time and i do, and then it switches up and goes the other way around. makes sense?

    • What?

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    • I always respond to texts from anyone instantly otherwise I'll forget.

    • yeah im the same. otherwise i loose interest in people thinking im not important or they dont like me.

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  • Yes. It sounds as if he was game playing. Good for the chase whilst you're unavailable.

    • Well I didn't plan on hanging regularly, but he kept talking about it the whole night. But when I realized I wanted to see him and he didn't want to I realized I just wanted him.

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    • Yeah that's the thing. We do this every couple years. But he never just stops contacting me completely for no real reason.

    • Time to move on and cut him completely out all together.