When a guy blushes when you tell them hi?

i told this guy i know hi and he started blushing. what does that typically mean? i kinda like him so maybe the feelings are mutual? Weve also looked at each other. few times (locked eyes. for few seconds ) But if. he blushes is that another indication of potential interest?


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  • hahaa he started blushing from "hi"? damn now he can say "you had me at hi" if anything ever happens lol. im just guessing though :D the feeling is probably mutual. you are like the only other fucking person other than myself that I have seen use the words "potential interest" :D yes it sounds like a potential interest. but that's all it is, a potential interest, for now.

  • Next time you see him say "HI, how are you"? You will have taken it to the next level, if he blushes at "Hi", he may have just jizzed his pants at "how are you". Only then will you now whether or not he's interested.


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