What attracts a guy to a girl? what makes a guys jaw drop when they see a girl?

what do guys find seriously attractive like what does a girl have to have so that guys can't stop looking at them or make them feel as if they've fallen in love at first sight?
or what can a girl do to make a guy really like them so much as they dont even care about what others think of her and to make them really like her.


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  • Well sexually obviously it's just how smoking hot they look. The simplest version is how well they take care of themselves plus a good face.
    Emotionally it's just this moment that you feel a connection to them that leaves you thinking of them long after you saw them. I'll give you an example, there was this really cute girl so I'll try and see if I can get a smile. I said "do you have a band aid" and she responded no with the most genuine look of concern on her face and asked what was wrong wondering how she could help a complete stranger. I responded "I hurt myself when I fell for you" and found myself meaning it for a girl I just met. I completely got her and she laughed pretty hard. Turned out she was the most genuine and kind person I'd ever met, plus she had nice boobs.


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  • if she looks similar to the girls on this website then fuck me *expression*


  • Depends on the guy, some go for body, some go for a beautiful face (that's me), some go for a nice butt, some like boobs, some like a talented girl, some like tomboys, ... You get the picture, every guys in different things. I personally don't care about body at all but I want a pretty cute and innocent face !!! :)

  • Really beautiful eyes


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