Girls, how do you like to be approached?

i am really shy and can't approach girls and wanted to know the proper way to do it


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  • By saying hi and starting up a conversation, maybe about something that's happening then or has happened recently. As long as you don't show sexual advancement and talk as a genuine person, most girls would talk to you. If a girl seems to be interested in you then give her compliment, watch how she reacts, if she reacts positively start flirting, if she doesn't continue to be a genuine person. Unfortunately some girls are a**holes and will be mean to you no matter what you do, don't take offence, they are like that to nearly everyone.


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  • I wish a guy would approach me on campus between classes or at a grocery storeā€¦ #bfmaterial

  • Just walk up to her and say Hi! Whatever is happening around you at the time... comment on it. That way you guys can talk about something in common right off the bat :))

  • In person; casual conversation til the person and I get closer.
    Not in person; texts that are super thought into


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  • There are an infinite amount of correct answers here. The one thing that will be a constant in each one? You appearing confident when you approach them.

    If you're a shy dude, your approach needs to be suitable for you. You will not be able to pull off the same approach that a charismatic outgoing guy can pull off.

    • i try so hard to be confident but i fail every time

    • Fake it till you make it.

    • i will try to overcome my fears then

  • Become a jerk case closed.

    • i think that's what i should do i am sick and tired of being left in the shadows

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    • i am sick of it girls be like "i hate jerks eww" then end up dating the biggest motherfuckin clown of all time wtf

    • @Asker yep their nothing but a bunch of hypocrites.

  • approach her with a box of dildos shit works everytime

    • funny bro

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    • sounds legit i'll try that attitude thanks bro

    • no prob good luck man