When is double texting okay?

People often say double texting is a big no-no. Do you think there are any circumstances under which it would be to one's advantage to break that rule? Like, I met this guy last weekend, and we've been texting every day since until yesterday when he didn't answer my text. The text wasn't one that necessarily required a response, but it's frustrating. Logically I feel like I should be able to just text him, but if he wanted to keep talking he would've made an effort to keep the conversation going, right? What should I do?


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  • there's no reason for a rule that says you have to wait for a response before texting something again... if there is a rule that says that it should be abolished. just text him


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  • Oh my god, I have no idea.

    I don't get texting rules or all these social niceties.

    Maybe that's why I LIVE IN A CABIN IN THE WOODS

  • I am currently double texting. Don't text the wrong person and you should be fine. And dont get nervous if he doesn't respond. If y'all were texting everyday he obviously likes you.


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