Can I get out of the "friend zone" on a first date?

Can I get out of the "friend zone" on a first date?
GIRLS, would you agree to go on a date with a guy if you weren't really interested in "dating" him? or being in a relationship with him.
I'm going on a date this weekend with a girl who I've known for years (long time in "friend zone"). But we've never been best friends or anything. and we've not seen each other much in a couple years.
I know I can't judge it now before we go out, but she seems kind of distant when we talk. What are girl's intentions of a first date? Is she waiting to see how the date might go before she decides if she wants to pursue?
Please shed some light on this.

Or might she be just wanting to "hang out" as friends? she might be talking to at least one other guy. signals indicate that she's not that interested. might she change her mind?


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  • I never date my guy friends. If they ask I kindly reject them, because I've tried dating friends in the past and they didn't end badly but we could never go back to how things were before we went out... So, now I never date friends.
    HOWEVER, I believe most girls don't mind if friendship develops into something more.

    It might be difficult to escape that "friend zone" on the first date, however, since you haven't seen each other in a couple of years, it'll probably feel like meeting each other for the first time. If you keep seeing her regularly, I'm sure things will work out.


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  • it's possible