How to go for a hand hold?

Me and this girl have gone out a few times and are going out for dinner tomorrow night, how do you just hold a girls hand, do you just grab it or what?


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  • Confidently do this and tell yourself you know she wants you to. If a guy acts awkward when going to hold a girls hand its a total turn off. If a guy confidently goes for it then its really sweet. If she has her hand resting on the table you can hold it and tell her she looks beautiful or you can casually grab her hand as you leave the restaurant :)


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  • To make it even more cute (and a LOT less nerve wracking), I would start by bumping the back of your hand on hers while you're joking about something. If she smiles, then just grab her hand and lace your fingers with hers. My guy would do that and I would swoon every time.


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