Finally taking my dating life seriously, guys I need your help?

Ok, so i have just learned a new method to attract men, i haven't been able to do it irl, but i will try it this weekend. So guys, if i see a guy looking at me, more then once, but dont approach me, is he interested or not? Is that a clear signal that he interested?

Many times when im at a party, or at the gym or whatever i notice that guys look/glance over at me several times, but they never "do anything" about it, aka approach me. So i just automatically think they aren't really interested since they dont approach, and are just looking at me because im there or whatever. So i just need to know the facts.

And i know that guys need clear signals that the girl wants them to approach them. But what kind of signals or hints are you guys talking about? Do i have to look and smile at you often, or do i have to say hi? or what?


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  • Don't play games. C'mon your a big girl. If you see a guy you like just go ask him out. Have some cards with your contact info and give him one. The faster he emails or calls you the more interested he is in you... generally speaking. But don't run your love life by polls. If he takes forever to get back to you, blow him off unless he apologizes that he lost your card. Even then, let the bozo prove himself. You know the deal, guys will say anything to get a taste.


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  • Well I actually think that those you saw on the gym proabably just looked at you because you were working out.
    Something you could do if you want a guys attention is showing you're interested by talking to him, just don't be to pushy, some guys "runs away" if a girl is to aggresive

    • Thats what i thought, but i dont want to be pursuing, but i want him to know that i'm interested and that's its okay for him to approach me. It's like almost everyone tell me, guys like the chase... so i dont want to be the on taking the lead, or the be the one to do the chasing

    • Oh dear... please no, not the chase -.-,

      I myself hate that I have to be the chaser, but i guess the majority of guys kind of need it in order to get attracted to a girl.
      I can't guide you and say exactly what you should do as every guy is different, but try to test what works and how the guy responds. If he starts talking and for example leans closer to you that means he is interested but if he instead does the oposite he is not.
      just look for the normal signs of someone whos intersted in talking with you.

  • A smile can take you a long way it will make the guy comfortable and will be sure of approaching you it gives us the hint that she finds us attractive and a clear sign that she wants us to approach them but sadly not many women smile because their either shy or emberrased.

  • Just smile, it will make any guy's day. And if they really want it, they will talk to you. Just follow the flow girl :)

    P. S. I sometimes stare at girls because I am just too bored or just analyzing her facial features.

  • " if i see a guy looking at me, more then once, but dont approach me, is he interested or not? Is that a clear signal that he interested?"

    No, it's not. Because guys don't do signals. If it makes you feel more confident though, then sure, assume any guy looking at you is interested.

    In reality, if a guy is looking at you, it's a prelude to flirting. If you do nothing because you think he did nothing, then it ends there. If you give an obvious signal that you're into it, he'll flirt. If you approach him, that's as good a sign as any to flirt.

    "do i have to say hi? or what? "

    Saying Hi is good. There is basically no upper limit on how obvious you can be.

    I swear when these threads appear on Reddit, you hear stories from girls saying "I said to him "I really like you and would like to go out with you sometime" and the guy still didn't get that she was interested in him.


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  • Me and my friends usually just give a half smile at least, and he'll come over shortly after. Either that or just glance over a few times and they'll guess you might think they look good and come over.

    Outta curiosity, what is this technique you'll be trying on the weekend?