''I want you to meet my ex.'' How would you take this?

Seriously this happened to me once and I was pissed off.
Not only she was talking the whole time about him, which I find disrespectful, but when I told her to stop because it pisses me off she said,''No, he's a very interesting person. Maybe I will introduce you to him sometime. You will see''. Seriously, why should I care? Why should ANYONE care? What do you think about it? Anyone with a similar experience?


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  • i'd tell him to go get electrocuted. i'm not interested in his ex. and you're right, I don't know why anyone should care. maybe she's trying to make you jealous. moron.

  • I told my ex while we were dating exactly this:

    Sorry but hotels are too expensive in that city. I will stay with my ex on that day when you come visit me u can meet him.

    (We were in ldr at that time)

    Nothing happened. He said ' okay babe i trust you but i have no intentions to meet him when i come visit u'

  • I think it's rude to always talk about your exes. It means you're not quite over them. She's obviously not over this guy.

    • Not my problem though. Dumped the bitch long time ago. Just wanted to share this with you all.

    • Oh sorry I thought this was happening to you right now. She wasn't into you so you made the right choice.

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  • it's not great form to talk about an ex that way but perhaps she is really good platonic friends with the guy. it wouldn't make me angry as much as it may make me feel a little insecure about their relationship... but I'd be interested to meet the guy to see how the two of them interact to determine if there is more to their relationship that I should be aware of

    • there's no need to meet anyone to determine that. One quick look at her e mail, Skype and phone messages and you know about everything. Just a quick look. Yes I did that. And once again she proved that there is no such thing as friendship between a man and a woman. Either he wants to fuck her, or she wants it from him. Or both. So many girls believe that they can be ''just friends'' with a guy. The easiest way to see for themselves that it's just an illusion is to offer the guy a ''friendly'' blow job. Do you believe he will say ''No sweetie, we're just friends!''? Hell no!

    • well it is possible to be friends with the opposite sex, and I wouldn't personally go through emails and texts or whatever but you've got your answer. congrats

  • I have no idea. I like to think that even though I no longer speak to either of my exes, I don't think ill of them. Obviously I can't have romantic relationships with them (hence "ex" status), but I still respect them as humans and wish them good lives. I hope we both learned lessons from said relationship.

    I would consider helping them out in dire situations like any decent being, but it would also depend on my life situation/family situation at the time. Once I had my own family, all exes are basically dead. Only one woman at a time, man!