Help me: what do I do? (girl problem)

Everytime I see her, she smiles at me, I've liked her for quite a while now and this makes me think that she might like me¿ We talk A lot of Facebook. And we have known each other for about 5years, from this I know she is abit shy and I'm not going to lie but I am abit too! what should I do? I really want to go out with her. She really is amazing and beatiful as well! help me (and any tips?)


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  • You like her and she's probably too shy to ask you... It sounds like she's really into you! If you're nervous just tell her how great you think she is. Then just ask her! It sounds like she'd almost definitely say yes! Good Luck

  • Then ask her. It is plain and simple. If you love her this much, than tell her that. If she says 'yes', Yay for you!! But if she says 'no' that just means she is not ready yet. If you do not ask her soon, she might move on or your just leading her on to thinking you like her for just a friend. That's not good. Just ask her. Plain as that.


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