Do guys really like it when girls kiss/suck their necks.?

I'm into the whole neck kissing/ear sucking thing & I wanna try it out., but I'm not sure if my guy will like it.?


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  • not really- its more of a thing the guys does to the girl

    • Oh thank god, a guy was doing it to me a ton and I felt bad for not doing anything back lol.

    • I think the guy would like it if he's moderately ticklish..he neck probably would be more sensitive as compared to those who aren't ticklish.

    • CrystalB4ller, I see guys with hickies on their necks all the time so I don't know where you get this from

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  • It might work with some guys, but not all, guys usually do this more to girls. And if you give him a hickey you are sure to p*ss him off. It's still worth asking or trying though ( don't try the hickey! )

  • It really depends on the guy. The only way to really know is to 1 try it and see how he reacts or 2 ask him

  • I personally don't like it.

  • I can say that I do. lot's of slober, lots of hickies ;-)


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