He cheated because his gf wouldn't break up with him?

Does that make a guy a cheater? He tried to end it with her, but she kept reeling him back in w/ family drama. Even when he tried to break up, she didn't want to. He told me he cheated on his ex gf multiple times. He went to therapy for it and says he is a better person for doing therapy. It has been 3 years since the two of them stopped talking, but should I be concerned? He opened up to me about this on our first real date.


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  • how does a guy try to break up with a girl? all he has to say is, we're done, we're not in a relationship anymore, im now single. that's it. she has no power over that. so his weakness to letting her reel him back in is his fault. technically, he did cheat, but his deepest intentions? im sure he isn't the "cheater" everyone hates.

    • Yeah, it was really messed up. I mean, he went to therapy for years. I guess she was really depressed and he DID care for it... so he didn't want to just abandon her. He felt himself luring away to other women... I don't get the picture he broke up w/ her before he tried to leave her the first time. I think that he told her afterwards and he wanted to end things, but she didn't want to... if that makes sense. She stayed w/ him for 8 years!!!

    • 8 years is a long time. see how things go.


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  • Yes it does. He still chose to cheat.

    • Yeah, weird. I guess I don't think I could see myself being serious with him now.

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  • you can either trust him or not trust him when he says he has changed. you know him better than we (GAG members) do.

    • Good point... I think I can say I trust him, but deep down... when he travels for business or w/e I might always wonder :/. I don't know if that will change. I'm not an extremely trusting person... :/

    • if it comes to wondering, always be honest with the dude and say "i'm worried that you'll cheat". then he'll either assure you and be truthful or assure you and lie. either way, it all comes back to trusting him or not.