Confusion? So this is about my ex?

i have a ex and today i saw him at school and he kept looking at me , then the other day i made a mistake and video texted him then evrytime i see him feelings come back but he has a gf and i have a bf but it seem i can't get over him


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  • You and this guy obviously went out for a reason, so it's plenty understandable that there are some residual feelings for him. However, dwelling on the past will do nothing except drive you mad and make you miss the present. Focus on your boyfriend, since... well, he's your BOYFRIEND. You SHOULD be giving him your attention and getting to know him better, since that's the purpose of having a boyfriend.

    If you're having further problems, as odd as this might sound, I would seek the advice of your school's guidance counselor. Yes, they DO deal with these kinds of issues too.


What Girls Said 1

  • Aw must be your just not over him. And your new bf should be able to get you over him so something is not right.