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my boyfriend and I have broke up a couple times most because of him and he asked me back out again and I told him how I wanted it to be and he said he would really try but he doesn't even flirt with me any more unless he's with me and I was trying to flirt with him a couple nights ago just a little bit and he didn't seem interested at all and after he now hasn't answer my text or calls for 2 days and its really bothering me... what could this mean?... he only asked me back out about a week ago... guys and girls opinions would be great


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  • He's playing games, if something similar to this has happened before I think you should just let this guy go and move on. Don't waste your time.


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  • Trying is not enough in my opinion since you two have been broken up a couple times before. What's the root of your problem though? If it's small things like where to eat, etc. then I think it's time to move on. Isn't it predictable the way you two act? You should lay out a limit upon him. In his mind, doesn't matter what he did to you, he can just ask you back and get you back whenever he wants to. So, if you want him to take you seriously, you'd better tell him how you feel about the situation. Don't blame or accuse him, just use "I feel... I I I it's all about I statement."