It was amazing but the ending?

So tonight my boyfriend & i went to watch Fury. He got the tickets & i picked him up & drove there lol well the movie was really good you guys should go watch it , well anyways yeah he got popcorn & icee or whatever & the movie ended at 9 & when we were in the car he's like do you wanna grab something to eat im like nah im good but thnks so i drove him home. when we. got. to his house i parked where i usualy park & we were talking & you know things got a little crazy lol. anyways everything was good like i was on top of him lol (we were not fucking) & we were just making out & I don't know what happend but i bit him & it did something. with his braces & he pulled my hair im like stop & he's like you stop im like wtf so i started pulling his ear & shit & he let me go & grabed my. arms. im like wtf & hit his chest & he's like stop & im like. let go and i was going back to the drivers seat & he's like no and grabbed me he's like lets hug it out & i did & i moved back im like tha was fucked up & he's like look at me im like no get out & he got out & i was about to cry & he comes back he's lile i forgot my keyes & i was like okay get them & he's like look at me let me talk to you from your side & he came over & i rolled down the window & he's like im sorry babe & i was like i am too & he kissed me &i looked away cause i felt like crying then he's like smile babe & i did & he's like promis me something lol i honestly dont know what i promised cause i was about to cry so i just stuck out my pinky kissed it & pewped it & then he's like text me when you get home none of that "my phone died bullshit" .. be safe & im i drove off & when i got home i texted him to call me & he did & he's like im sorry babe & i was like me too i know im a bitch sometimes & yea we said our goodnights but i still feel bad :( knowing that if it wasn't for the keys he wouldn't of came back. i just felt like i needed to tell someone this. goodnight guys v. v

we only have 4 months dating & this is the first time we fight._.


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  • I can see more of this kind of stuff going down in the future

    • why do you say tht?-'

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    • Thanks so much for the MH

    • your welcome (:


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  • Sounds horrible 😞

  • Well. That was profound. Thank you for sharing.

  • Ok so I stopped reading 1/4 of the way through but I feel I got the jist of it. Let things calm down for a day or two then talk about it. Go from there, no need to make judgements over one night.

  • Congratulation you guys are officially in a relationship... so what shit happens dont feel bad about it.

    • lol im just not used to fighting cause we're pretty chill about everything.. so yea fucken excuse me for having feelings

    • None one likes to fight (durh).. its just a misunderstanding... at the end of the day you guys are still together which is important... so be happy god dammit

  • you're just so hot i couldnt even read your question... lol... but thats a weird way for a fight to start, you guys shouldve had sex to calm the tension.


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  • I'm sorry... but...


  • It's fine, you're still getting to know each other and adapting to one another. Apparently he didn't really forget his keys either? but even if he hadn't come back I'm sure you would hit him up later on. Just take it easy.

  • You need to go back to school, like elementary school.