How do you prevent yourself from being lead on continually?

I've never had a bf before and the only 3 guys I've dated have lead me on or broken it off after a week or so. Please can someone give me some advice about how to stop this from happening? It just feels like crap when it happens continually.


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  • Know your boys, and what you want. I asume you want a long themr relationship
    In that case, go for nice guys.
    That means get the hell away from the parties and the bad boys! Look arround their natural habitat; the library, at home, the streets... You simply won't find them at the wild parties. Maybe at a pub enjoying a beer, but not at the parties.
    What is a nice guy? If a guy says he's a nice guy he must be one, right? right? NO! That makes him a scumbag in disguise. If a guy needs to constantly reassure you he's a nice guy, that he'll stick arround, that he's faithfull etc, but his atcions sometimes says otherwise, you should nope out of there. You're being led on.
    Genuinely nice guys have no need to remind you, we simply behave like that naturally! We speak with our actions. If asked if we're a nice gguy we might answer yes, but we won't drone on and on about how much of a nice guy we are. After all, a person faking a personality will make mistakes and will need to constantly mind his fasade, a person actually behaving like that will do it naturally.
    Sure, nice guys make mistakes too, and those mistakes can look like bad boys accidentally slipping up. The difference is that while nice guys will be genuinely sorry and try to make up for it (appologize etc), bad boys will simply try to let it slip (because since it's how they often behave, they see nothing bad in it. it does not nag their contousness)

    Well, that's the stereotypical description of a nice guy. Does it make sense to you? Did it help?


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  • Darling, have to just keep trying. Some men are a-holes, some are not so much a-holes. Just try to do better with picking dates.

    Give more details with the dates and what you think went wrong. Maybe someone can give more insight.
    Did they put the moves on you and you told them your waiting for marriage? Or what? Also lets see your pix.

    You can always write people privately if you find a gal to mentor you with details you don't like to discuss on the main forum. If you see someone you admire, write her and ask for help. Good luck!

  • by not being shy.. that's haw boys get friend zoned also. so just say what you want and be open. if thay can't give it move on


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  • Ok what type of guys you going. For firstly. Are they cocky, sweet talking? If so beware and steer clear of that type. They flirt act all into you then disappear. These guys love attention but do not want a gf. Do not give them the time of day. Are you shy or would you consider going for the less in your face type of dudes. Shy ones tend to care more what you think of them. Change up where you go and be careful what you wear. Some guys see some outfits as an open invite. Not saying do not wear what you like but believe me some guys do go by what you wear to make an assumption about what kind of girl you are. Dont have expectations when you meet someone. Take it slow an do not do all. the initiating. you got to makea guy work for it otherwise they get bored or think they got you so why try
    Last of all do not let any guy make. you feel. worthless cus your not sweetie. Good luck

  • Pay attention to actions and not words most people get lead on because a person tells them something but shows them different don't believe what you hear believe what you see. You can't give in to that until you really get to know a person and find out their intentions.

  • A week? Stop getting so hung up too quick I guess. This is when you get to know people, not make commitments, so just because they decided you aren't for them, that's hardly leading you on.