Do guys ever mean it when they say "let's do this again" at the end of a 1st date?

I met up with a guy for coffee this morning & I felt the date went well enough.. I liked him enough to want a 2nd date. But at the end he only hugged me & said "let's do this again sometime", which feels so open-ended to me. It seems like most (but not all) guys who truly wanna go out again will try to make concrete plans. Should I take this as a bad sign, or just wait & see if he'll ask again?


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  • I dont think that the end of the date is a moment to make plans, thats a moment to enjoy and maybe he was thinking about kissing you or not or stuff like that, so he was not worry about the stuff you are thinking now... give him time, you will know about him soon.

  • Geez you're overanalyzing.


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