Is she mad at me or not?

This girl I have been dating, I asked her out to a date and she said she loved to. Anyways, my really close bros wanted to celebrate it with me so we did. I didn't invite her to it since it was just going to be a couple of my really close friends. Anyways, unfortunately an accident happened, and I was sent to the hospital after being bit by my exotic pet. My friend posted on Facebook saying that I was at the hospital for my 21st birthday, and well, since the post wasn't clear people thought I got alcohol poisoning.. She really doesn't like party hard guys.. I sent her a text about our date but no reply at all. I messaged her explaining what really happened that night and she replied me, in very short replies, like "LOOL" or "ahahaa" and at the very end she just said "alrigjht alright. np." Is she mad at me? Or am I thinking too much? Should I ask her about the date again today?


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  • Definitely ask about the date again today. Even send her a pic of your injury if you can. This is proof that you did in fact tell the truth.

    She should trust you anyway, and even if you were drinking, Partying on your birthday hardly makes you a party guy. Everyone is entitled to let loose once in a while. Especially on their birthday.


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  • You are thinking too much into it, and I think if you're going to bring up the date again inform her of the time, day etc. instead of "Are we still on for that date" type of a conversation

  • If she hasn't said she's not coming then relax she is probably still coming.

    Text her the day before the date to tell her where and when you'll pick her up and you're all good


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