If a guy told you he really liked you on the second date, would that scare you off?

Monday I'm going on a second date with this girl that used to be in my class, we don't really know eachother that well and I made out with her a few weeks ago, I asked her if she wanted to watch a movie with me and she said yes, ofcourse we made out again.

I didn't want to watch a movie at my or her place again because I want to show her that I'm serious and not just "trying to get in her pants", so this Monday we are going to the movies and afterwards we'll go drink something.

Things are still a bit awkward between us sometimes since we don't really know eachother that well. I'm really starting to like this girl and I want to let her know that I like her, I don't want to ask her to be my girlfriend but just that she knows that I'm falling for her, I don't know how she feels towards me though, I mean sure we made out and she wanted to go on a date but I'm not sure if she is falling for me too.. I don't want an awkward situation for example me telling her and then she just doesn't say anything because I said it to early..

Should I wait with telling her? Should I make it obvious in another way?


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  • No just tell her that you're really enjoying your time with her and you really want to continue spending time with her. Or you could see how this second date goes and shoot for a third date and tell her then. Since you said it is still a bit awkward at times.


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  • No, if I gave him a second date then it would mean I really liked him too. Just tell her that you are having a really great time with her.

  • Usually when you want something serious with a person you just don't made out like that, make yourself desirable, us girls we don't want it that easy lol I like challenge! If you want to get to know her take her to eat a place where yah can talk. Make her want to talk to you! If you go to the movies that's fine but you won't get to talk to her on the contrary yah will probably just make out then what? The same cycle no! Make yourself look interesting and don't be boring and do what all couples do, if you want something do different stuff with her! If she made out with you is because she's attracted to you!


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  • Whew.. i thought you told her already, i was going to be like "bro, you fucked up".
    some girls would like to hear it.. most girls would think you are using it as a fast forward to get in her pants (not that some would mind).
    that is not something you Say man, not on a second date, its something you show.
    keep on with the dates, spending time with her, paying attention to her and things around her... her head is going to be the one that tells her "he really likes me".
    BUT you can always go ahead and tell her that on the 2ND date (i would love to hear the turn out)