Can I text my bf first every morning?

I don't like texting first. its usually my bf that does that. is it a turnoff if the girl starts texting first all the time like everyday?


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  • No, it is not a turn off. Most men prefer it if you text them first every once in a while. Many men will begin to believe that you don't like them or are getting over them if you do not reciprocate their approaches. Overall, if he is taking the time to text you first whenever he has you on his mind, how does it look if you never message him first? It looks as if you're no where near as interested as he is.

    • Wow ok thanks, I never really thought of it this way!
      Yeah I guess if I message him first sometimes he'll get to feel that special feeling too :)

    • Consistently reciprocating each other's feelings helps ensure that you two will never get bored or lose interest. No problem, have fun :)


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  • Its kinda annoying. Sometimes i want to wake up and not have to respond to a text. as long as its not everyday its fine. Sometimes a man needs some space and from my experience just doesn't want to answer anybody. And if he usually does it then just let him keep on doing and surprise him occasionally

  • Why is it a turn off, i like it when i can wake up with a text from the girl i like... even if it just would be a simple smiley. Everytime i have to start texting i think im annoying... just do what you feel like

  • I don't think it is but then again, I'm usually the one texting first all the time XD


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